Alsalamu Alaikom wa rahmatullah!

Announcements for today!

Iqama time changes – Fajr @ 6:10; Maghrib @ 7:20; Isha @ 9:00

Last night our community hosted an event at Embassy Suites to stand in solidarity with the Muslims of New Zealand, we had a great turn out by Allah’s grace, we had leaders from religious groups such as the Jewish Christian houses of worship, UCCS, SCPD, Fountain PD, City and county officials, all to stand with the Muslim community to to say NO to hate in our community. Please take a part in this and future efforts, even a small part, let us know you’re availability and we will work together for the greater good of our community.

Brother Khalid Abbasi is dedicating his Jumaa khutbah about New Zealand today so please come early.